CONCERTINOaccordion-band  is a group of people whose main task from the very beginning of its creation was to promote accordion as an instrument of many genres. In 2003 they gathered for their first rehearsal, and since then have been working together for about 10 years by now to achieve a noble objective of self-confidence and perfection.
CONCERTINOaccordion-band  gets its first award 2006 in Castelfidardo. This event gives a good start for their following years of practice and music. Up to this moment the band has won 19 grand-prix and first prizes performing on competitions and festivals from all around the world: Canada, North-Korea, Italy, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, France etc.
Also in this period CONCERTINOaccordion-band  makes the acquaintance of two grand maestro of the accordion: Frank Marocco and Richard Galliano. It was a very great pleasure to invite them to perform in Concertino's homeland - Moldova. These warm collaborations were a big honor for the band. Those concerts were held in one of the best concert halls of the capital Chișinău, the Organ Hall, where young musicians are staged, practicing and making music till now.
Speaking of concerts can be said that - though all of them have their own unique style and adrenalin burst - each of them differs from the others through creativity and energy of the band. CONCERTINOaccordion-band  is always successfully touring in many places of the world, leaving their public smiling with a shot of positive thinking everywhere.
In a nutshell the Accordion World Champion CONCERTINOaccordion-band  is a very experienced and self-dedicated group of musicians, always ready to produce something of a very high quality and emotion. These are values for the best accordion band in the world.



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