These young and ambitious members of this ensemble play accordion music in all genres and styles: classical, world, jazz, modern and folk.

   Soon their fame spread outside of their home country Moldova and "CONcerTINO" became known and appreciated by fans in Italy, Denmark, Germany, France,  Austria, Luxembourg, China, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland. In these countries the ensemble impresses with quality and interpretive temperament, their reckless energy, some call them "Energizing Concertino".

   "CONcerTINO" participated in various international accordion competitions within Europe. They have been rewarded with 15 first prize trophies."CONcerTINO" has collaborated with the big names and masters of the accordion music such as: R. Galliano, F. Marocco, Vl. Zubitsky, Vl. Besfamilnov, V.Vlasov, Paris-Moscow Duet, M.Vlasova. All of which have great respect for the scills and perfection of the group and have honored them with their frienship.

   For the past five years "CONcerTINO" has been performing at the "Organ Hall" in Chisinau, Moldova. Due to the director of this concert hall - Mrs. Larisa Zubcu who has always supported - them the „Organ Hall” has become home for the ten members of "CONcerTINO". Also under her aegis the musicians play on the most prestigious instruments "Victoria" from Castelfidardo, Italy. With the support of this factory, especially Mrs. Elke Ahrenholz "CONcerTINO" is realising their third CD in 2012 "Colors of Music", recorded in Italy.



                                                                                           "Concertino"s Awards